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alright stop.... pajama time.

Okay, first off.. I have to say I love this song. I really do like Eminem.. why? It's a mystery to me, but whatever. lol. ANYWAY.. college, wow. Here, let's start off with this....
drama 8:10a-9:50a
ballet 10:10a-11:00a
newspaper 11:10a-12:25p

wednesday only
tap 7:10p-8:50p

journalism 9:10a-10:25a
edit board 12:10p-1p
jazz 2:10p-3:25p
math 4:10p-5:50p

total units: 19

Okay, so the minimum units for a FULL TIME student is 12.. but I went a little overboard. I mean, what else is there to do but keep busy, right? Haha. So yeah.. I wanted musical theater really bad, but it conflicted with dance.. and well.. Theatre's my life and all.. but dance is more. I just love it that teensy bit more.. what can I say.

So.. about the school newspaper ("The Campus" -which comes out virtually every other week-) Anyway, I'm a first year staff member. And the Opinion EDITOR. I'm excited. I feel important. To me- being a first year staff member- I think that's real cool, but I don't know. I guess it's important. But I've decided I want to be referred to as The Opinionater. Hehe.. so everyone better call me that (because so many people from school read this, right?) but no.. really.. no really.

Dance is amazing so far. I actually start dressing out tomorrow! I can't wait for Ballet! Zach joined ballet with me.. we're so excited. lol. WE HAVE SO MANY PERFORMANCES FOR ADVANCED JAZZ. Like, we get to perform at the homecoming game and stuff, I'm real excited! I wanted to take the hip-hop class, too. But since I must take journalism 1.. well they conflict. And that sucks. For Jazz AND Ballet, though, we perform at some art show. Oh how I love dance and performing. <33 They both just make me soo happy! Haha.

Time to eat dinner.. guess I must explain the driving incident later. Look forward to it. Haha.
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