fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore. (geeewhiz) wrote,
fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore.

The Aquabats = LOVE.

I love the Aquabats. The end! Haha.

I have class at eight in the morning. And I'm sitting here online.. at 4:24am.. it's insanity. But then I'm like "If I go to sleep...... I'll never wake up. I should just stay up and go to class." But then I'm like "......I'm tired." I think I'll just stay up. Caffeine pills and pepsi? Okay. I get out of class at 10.. I can always come home and nap. And if I fall asleep in class.... that sucks. OH WELL. But I haven't been there in two weeks. I really need to go. I'm just going to stay up. Anyone care to entertain me?
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