fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore. (geeewhiz) wrote,
fate is an elegant, cold hearted whore.

mountains were amazing.

we go to lunch. and take stupid pictures. i love her.

me and dano in front of the lodge.

those boots make my feet look massive.
we hung off the mountain. so did some lady.
but she ran away.

me and willie.. on a massive tree log.

jesse, danielle, me, willie .. morro rock. i love these kids.

look at that sweet view. gorgeous.

me, willie, dano. we look like we're going to fall off.

me and jesse. that's the bottom of a gargantuous tree trunk.
a tree trunk that fell over.

so i pretty much had too much fun on that huge log.

willie. deep in thought. apparently.. rocks make him think.
because he did this on another rock the day before.

they love him.

so i'm exploring a "cave."
and willie's pretty much eating my arm.

i pose on rocks. willie.. you look like a monkey.
"who you with"

mountain mermaid.<3

i just wanna JUMP! (:

me and dano.. waiting at the lodge.. forever.. because..
they don't know how how to clean a room in less than 20 hours.

willie, dano, me, jesse.. i have cooties?

hahahah, i don't know.. i'm under attack. run away!






breath taking.

"that's a good rock."

So while I was gone, mommy and daddy cleaned my room. I walked in and I was like .."I CAN SEE LIGHT UNDER THE DOOR" it was amazing. Like, usually.. I had to push the door open with all of my weight because there was stuff blocking it, and I had to complete an obstacle course to walk to my bed. Now I'm like.. "THERES CARPET!" I think I have before pictures, I'll take after pictures later. How was everyone's weekend? Jon - how was your Dolly concert? Brittany - how was your 20th birthday? Let me in on these things, people!
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